Riddicks Story
Riddick: The Reason for it All!

Our story begins with our beloved dog Riddick. We adopted Riddick in the Winter of 2009. We bought him some of the best dog treats and dog foods available, and gave him a comfortable place to stay in our home. At first Riddick seemed happy and healthy, but over time he started to get sick. He would bite himself, throw up his meals, and lose much of the energy we had grown to love. We tried switching foods and dog treats and nothing seemed to be working.

One night we were taking Riddick for a walk. He was being so well-behaved that we rewarded him with what we believed to be a well-regarded chicken dog jerky treat. The next morning we awoke to Riddick lying on the floor, violently ill. We immediately took him to the emergency pet clinic.

After racking up thousands of dollars in vet bills and worrying greatly about Riddick's health and safety we finally got our answer – Riddick was suffering from a severe dog allergy, borne from these low quality dog treats. We needed to find better, natural jerky treats that Riddick would love – and we needed those jerky treats to be made with ingredients that Riddick could process.

Where Our Search Led Us

We searched far and wide, and yet we found it was still impossible to find any quality natural jerky treats that were made in the USA that were:
  • Additive Free
  • Preservative Free
  • Grain Free
  • Filler Free

Few jerky treats were all natural, and none of those natural jerky treats were made with single source protein ingredients that wouldn't cause allergic reactions. It was at that moment we realized that other pet owners were likely suffering from the same problem. We decided to go to work and create the natural jerky treats that Riddick and other dog owners would appreciate.

Finally, after dozens of different trials, we were able to come up with our own natural homemade jerky treats that Riddick loved. Instantly we noticed that not only was our picky eater Riddick devouring the treats, but his energy and overall health were improving as well. We decided that it was time to provide our delicious liver treats to others.

Our Products
We believe that your pet's nutrition is valuable. That is why we have developed three natural dog treats that are known to benefit dogs with sensitive stomachs. Our current product line includes:

Riddick's Ridiculously Natural Beef Liver Treats
Riddick's Ridiculously Natural Bison Liver Treats
Riddick's Ridiculously Natural Venison Liver Treats

All of our natural jerky is made with your dog's health in mind. Our treats are additive free, preservative free, grain free and filler free. We use only pasture fed, free range animals and ensure the safest conditions. Our dog treats are designed with your pet in mind so that you can love and reward your dog freely without worrying about your pet's allergies.

Try us today. You and your dog will be glad you did!

For questions about any of our products, our company, our pet treat philosophy, or to request a free sample, please contact us at any time!